We will be retiring the reform groups website on 1 October2015

The site was set up immediately after the disaster of the AV referendum to enable local groups to convene and reorganize. We are now well past that point. The Electoral Reform Society and Unlock Democracy are revitalized and growing and the site is no longer needed. It is also true that the era of the web site is coming to an end and active networks are now to be found more in social networking environments than distinct sites such as this. For example https://www.facebook.com/groups/PurplePeopleCollective/

For groups that wish to retain a site, you will need to set up your own site using a service wordpress or a host such as hostmonster. We are happy to provide advice and help on how to do this and how to transition any content you wish to retain from this site. Many thanks for your participation. Good luck with your future campaigning.